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EAST BRIDGEWATER – Chief Scott Allen announces that the East Bridgewater Police Department is currently seeking candidates interested in a lateral transfer, full-time police officer position.

The East Bridgewater Police Department is a Civil Service department and will only be accept officers who presently have Civil Service status, including one of the following:

  • Civil Service Permanent Intermittent Police Officer status
  • Civil Service Permanent Intermittent Officers with Full Time academy training
  • Civil Service Full time Police Officers

Depending on experience, the current base salary range for the position is $47,000-$69,000, before applicable shift differentials and education incentives.

Civil Service lateral transfer procedures apply and all applicants will be subject to a complete background check.

Officers must have graduated from a Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC) Full Time Police Academy. Preference will be given to Permanent Intermittent Officers who have been sponsored and attended an MPTC Full-Time Police Academy.

All inquiries should be sent to Deputy Chief of Police, Paul O’Brien, pobrien@ebmass.com