Chief of Police
Springfield, VT

The Town of Springfield, Vermont is seeking a Chief of Police. The current chief and second-in-command are retiring in December 2022. This presents an opportunity for a forward-leaning public safety official to redefine the Springfield Police Department (SPD) for the twenty-first century. The search is being conducted by Springfield Town Manager Jeff Mobus with the assistance of JW Leadership Consulting with the goal of attracting the right candidate to move the Springfield Police Department forward.

As with many professional law enforcement agencies, the SPD has struggled to attract and maintain adequate staffing to ensure the safety of citizens and visitors. As a result, the successful candidate will have the opportunity to advance the tenets of modern policing that will strengthen the SPD, reduce disorder, and build coalitions to improve law enforcement and quality of life in the community.

Springfield seeks an individual with strong leadership and communication skills who has a proven track record of leading with empathy. The most qualified candidate will be prepared to build relationships within the department and in the community and set forth a clear strategy to address the needs and challenges facing Springfield. They will demonstrate an understanding of current justice issues and how to address them in a professional and positive manner. The selected candidate will need to rebuild staff, create a professional development strategy for staff, and improve retention of department personnel. Foremost, the new Chief of Police must be able to build trust in the community, in the overall justice framework, and with the staff of SPD.

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