2021 NEACOP Annual Training Conference

October 3rd-October 6th, Meredith, NH

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What’s New for our 2021 Conference? EVERYTHING…

NEACOP has completely redesigned our training conference from the ground up to reinvent ourselves and what we offer to our law enforcement agencies and partners. We have secured some of the best training available and are working with vendors to create a robust, IN-PERSON EVENT for Chiefs, Officers and staff to come together to learn, collaborate and have the comaraderie and support of our law enforcement family.

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Digital Investigations: Detective Sergeant Kevin Connolly

From the crime scene to the court room, what you NEED to know.

Day 1 Officer Training: presents a 6 hour Officer course designed to give departments the tools necessary to handle the most common pieces of evidence involved in crimes today, Digital Evidence.

Day 2 Chief Training: discussion focuses on ways to implement digital investigation into your agency and a luncheon for all with a focus on case studies and success stories.

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Two Full Days of
IN-PERSON Classes & Discussions

Whether you are joining us as a chief or bringing in officers for the latest training topics, our 2021 NEACOP Conference is packed with opportunites to learn together and collaborate across agencies, vendors and expertise to bring a phenomenal IN-PERSON event to our New England agencies, partners and beyond.

Day 2 includes a Hosted Luncheon for ALL attendees and a presentation by Detective Sergeant Kevin Connolly.

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Leadership & Admin: Roger Williams University

Leading from crisis to excellence; substance use disorder approaches.

Day 1 Chief Training: begins with a morning block of Risk Management training followed by a second AM block focused on leading your agency through crisis to excellence.

Day 2 Officer Training: presents a morning block dedicated police response to substance use disorder. Afternoon brings Officer Health & Wellness to the forefront with The Box discussion.

Chiefs Training

Whether you are coming for the whole conference, one day or one training block,we have structured the courses and times to maximize learning and your time with us. 

Day 1: Morning Block 1- Risk Management for Leaders

Lt. (ret) Rick Bates

This module illustrates the importance of risk management to maintain accountability, integrity and community trust. The instructor will outline the benefits of conducting risk management to improve organizational effectiveness and reduce liability and potential lawsuits. This model of proactive leadership focuses on prevention and pre-incident intervention as opposed to traditional approaches such as post-incident complaint and internal investigations.


Day 1: Morning Block 2 - Leading Your Agency from Crisis to Excellence

Dr. Steve Morreale, DEA (ret.)

American law enforcement has been under fire for the past several years. Agencies have been painted with a broad brush. As leaders from rural, small to medium sized agencies, police executives should consider opportunities for improving the optics and practices of police services. The session will allow for open discussion of prescriptives to continue to improve service delivery.


Day 1: Afternoon Block 1 - Police Reform and Defunding Issues

Chief (ret) John Moore

Course description pending



  • 7 AM Breakfasts & Registration
  • Vendor Tables & Demos
  • Speaker Presentations
  • Packed Content Courses
  • Hosted Lunch Discussion
  • State Caucus Meeting
  • Annual NEACOP Meeting
  • Reception & Social Hours
  • Online course option available but IN-PERSON attendance encouraged!


Officer Training

Whether you are coming for the whole conference, one day or one training block,we have structured the courses and times to maximize learning and your time with us. 

Day 1: All Day Block- Digital Investigations from A-Z

Detective Sergeant Kevin Connolly, Barnstable Police Department, Digital Forensics & Investigation Unit

Celllphones, Cell Towers & Social Media: From the crime scene to the courtroom, what you need to know.

This course is designed to give officers the tools necessary to handle the most common pieces of evidence involved in crimes today, Digital Evidence. Students will received the latest legal updates on cases involving digital evidence. Students will learn how to identify physical devices as well as cloud source data that can be utilized to help solve crimes. The class will walk through identifying evidence, seizing evidence, open source investigative tools, and search warrant preparation; all leading up to court room presentation. There will be a full case study as students navigate through this course so they can see how digital evidence can be used in every step of an investigation.


Day 2: Morning Block: Police Response to Substance Use Disorder

Dr. Sean Varano and Professor Pam Kelley

Course description pending


Day 2: Afternoon Block: The Box-Officer Health and Wellness

Chief (ret.) Doug Wyman & Chief (ret.) John Monaghan

This course is designed to challenge the ways in which law enforcement has typically viewed mental health and well-being. The course begins with a short film made by The Nantucket Project. Using this visual prompt the class starts with some self-reflection on the film’s meaning before moving into statistical information on the importance of mental health and wellbeing.


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Featured Talks & Speakers

We have secured industry expertise speakers for our class offerings and conference discussion opportunities. We look forward to learning from them and bringing these training opportunites to our Law Enforcement agencies.

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We look forward to having our important partners in Law Enforcement join us for this event.

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